Top 10 Reasons To Choose Drupal For Your E-commerce Site

1. Drupal is open source

Drupal is open source and saves you from expensive license fees.

It powers the web presences of hundreds of thousands of businesses, governments, universities, and others around the world.Developing code for Drupal now means writing code that could be used on any of those sites.

2. Drupal development is rapid

Developing Drupal sites is really fast – Thanks to vast number of modules available!
The off-the-shelf modules not only offer shorter development time, but also higher security and less time spent on finding bugs and updating code.

3. Drupal is flexible

Drupal is very flexible and fairly easy to extend with a rapidly growing global community of contributors keeping Drupal's modules and extensions on the cutting edge of web development and the latest in social media connections.

4. Drupal is secure

Security experts from the world's governments and largest companies regularly scrutinize Drupal's codebase for themselves and have judged it secure enough for their mission-critical applications.

5. Drupal is scalable

Drupal can grow with you. It has that ability to scale hand in hand with your business. No matter how big you get Drupal gets there with you!

6. Drupal is extensible

With the modules available you can add almost any features you require for your e-commerce site. There are forums, slideshows, blogs, event calendars, e-commerce stores, picture and video galleries and surveys you can get up and running on your site in minutes with intuitive tested modules.

7. Drupal has a great community

The Drupal community is one of the best software communities around. All your queries get answered by the drupal developers spread all across the globe. You are assured to receive response in an hour two. If that’s not fast enough you can jump on IRC chat to get an answer right away.

8. Ubercart

This is a full fledged e-commerce system designed to "just work" out of the box. It offers the standard shopping cart features, integration with several payment and shipping quote services, and the ability to automate your order workflow without writing any code.

9. Get customized theme for your e-commerce site

Drupal's theme layer is incredibly good at letting you create custom templates and CSS to target specific pieces of your Drupal site.  Several Drupal theme shops create themes specifically targeting e-commerce on Drupal using Ubercart.  Top Notch Themes has also contributed a free theme targeting Ubercart sites called Acquia Prosper and distributes a free e-book with tips for configuring themes and contributed modules to enhance your store and increase conversions.

10. It is being used by some of the big names.

Drupal is well proven and is being used by numerous companies and organizations, such as Sony BMG, Sony Ericsson, United Nations, Disney, Nokia, Sun and the US government.

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