Drupal Upgrade

An important part of keeping a Drupal site up and running smoothly is to keep it updated. Keeping your installation of Drupal up-to-date is fundamentally the most important security consideration. An updated Drupal version keeps in check the security threats and brings an added value in form of bug fixes, critical security updates and new features.

Patch up your site

The current versions of Drupal are 6.36 and 7.38. To patch up your current outdated install of Drupal, we not only just update the Drupal core but also any outdated contributed modules that are installed.

Current functionality remains intact

To make sure that updating the core and contributed modules doesn't break any of the site's current functionality, we will set up a staging environment where all the functionality will be tested out by our Quality Team to ensure a smooth transition to the latest supported version.

Site Downtime

Once everything is verified by our team. We'll start rolling out the updates to the live site. It usually takes us a day to update Drupal core and contributed modules. This doesn't mean we'll keep your site down for whole day. We just need to put the site on maintenance mode for 15-20 minutes.

Recent Vulnerabilities that were treated in latest supported versions.

1. Impersonation (OpenID module - Drupal 6 and 7) Allows a malicious user to log in as other users on the site, including administrators, and hijack their accounts.

2. Open redirect (Field UI module - Drupal 7) Allows a malicious user to trick the website users into being redirected to a 3rd party website.

3. Information disclosure (Render cache system - Drupal 7 - Less critical) Allows non-privileged users to view private content of other users, which may be included in the cache.

Special Price:

To update the website from 6.x or 7.x to the latest supported version, an amount of USD 99 is charged. This plan includes- testing of the upgrade by the Quality team.

We accept payment by credit card, debit card, or eCheck through PayPal in a number of currencies.

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